Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Goodies for me

Whoopee! Those are goodies from Reuel’s Taiwanese director (Ken) just for me. Every time he’s here for a business trip, he always remembers to bring me these goodies.
According to Reuel, Ken extends his gratitude to me for taking care of my hubby for him. Hmm…sounds like poofy!? Well, it’s not. He is a good man and has his own family in Taiwan. I met Ken once (early this year) when he asked his team to bring their own wives for a social dinner.
--I don’t know the English name of this rice cake. If somebody knows the name, would you mind sharing it? Actually, it’s like a “tikoy” (Chinese glutinous rice cake) with peanut filling. This is my favorite delicacy from Taiwan. And, Gabee too really likes it because he can finish two cakes in just one sitting.
--Thank you Ken for these!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

3 Word Thursdays #6

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The saying “Our eyes are the windows to our soul” is one of my favorite phrase because through the eyes we can see the sincerity of a person. We can also see one’s emotion as it reflects clearly in her/his eyes. That’s why I always look at the eyes of the people I’m talking with to see if they are true on what they are saying.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Melodies for Missions Season Two

Melodies for Missions is the yearly song writing competition of Lighthouse Bible Baptist Churches and missions. Its aim is to bring out the talents of all Christians and to garner funds for the mission works of the church. This year’s theme is “A heart for missions”. And our church (Cainta mission) has ten entries in which four of them were among the finalists to compete last night’s big event which was held in our mother church in Tatalon, Quezon City. Below are the Cainta's entries (pardon for the quality of the video):
God commands us to go
by: Mel Bryan Alkuino
Interpreted by: Cainta Quartet

God Has commanded us to go (2x)
God wanted us to show
The passion for the souls of the Lord

Christ commanded us to preach
Christ commanded us to teach
Christ wanted us to know
The power in the blood of the Lord

Chorus:God has given us the power
God has given us the right
God has given Jesus wholly
Christ has given us His life

God has commanded to bring (the sheaves)
God has commanded to cling (to His word)
God wanted us to share
The love of the Lord
The mercy of the Lord
The life in the Lord eternally

Chorus:Now it’s the time to win the lost
Now it’s the time to reach the lost
Now it’s the time for the Lord
Abide & to carry our cross

Chorus (2x)God has given Jesus wholly
Christ has given us His life
-- --
A Heart Like Yoursby: Jhing Ramos
Interpreted by: Olive Gragas
The vastness of the universe
The sun, the moon, the skies
You breathed out the stars in all its splendour
Your hands have made them all

But when You died on the cross
How You have left heavens above
I saw Your heart
How you have loved me
How You have bought an unworthy soul like me..

Chorus:Oh gracious Saviour
I want a heart just like Yours
Full of compassion
For souls gone astray
Oh gracious Saviour
Grant me a heart just like Yours
A heart for those in need
I want a heart like Yours

This life now I commit to You
This life I do not own
Use me for heaven’s greater cause
To share Your gift of grace

I empty my heart Oh Lord
Now is the time
To share to them
How you have loved us
How You have bought the unworthy souls men..

Coda:Make me a channel
Only by Your grace
Make me a vessel
That they may see Your face
Thru me…
Bring Back the Passion
by: Ana Katrina Magayon
Interpreted by: Cristy Delgado

I was once a glowing lighthouse
I was once a shining one
But all my sins and selfishness
Has made my heart cold
Made my light glow dim

I am serving, yes sincere
Yet my life was so unclean
But Jesus taught me somethin’ else
That my service must have
A heart that obeys
Chorus:Bring back the pulse
Bring back the heartbeat
Of my heart in serving you
Bring back the passion for the souls
And make my lighthouse glow once again

The field is already yielding
Many souls are lost
But I am doin’ nothin’ else
To make them hear Your word

Clean me Lord and make me worthy
Make my life a reflection of You
So that when wond’ring one look near or far
They will see that You are true

This I pray (2x) Bring back the joy in serving You…
Walk in Himby: Oliver Espera
Interpreted by: Ramon Quemada
We have been redeemed by Christ our Saviour
From the paths of sin
Though we were unworthy of His love
And the darkness filled within

*When we’ll realize the sacrifice He’d made
And proclaim His love throughout the earth
With undeserved redeeming grace

Let us walk in Him
Together we will
Serve the King
And fulfil the mission
With our hearts that would not fail
He’s our mighty God
Our courage and our strength
Let us walk in Him today

Through the years He’s been so faithful
And in His grace we’ve been so rich
In all trials and circumstances
Oh, His love had set us free

Repeat *
Repeat Chorus 2x

He’s our mighty God
Our courage and our strength
Let us walk in Him today

The song “Walk in Him” got the second place and “Saan Man Ako Magtungo” written by Mark Rosales from LBBC Tatalon won the title of this year’s Melodies of Missions.
Congratulations to the winners and to all the finalists!

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