Saturday, October 09, 2010

Instant noodles

As I’m organizing the labels of my blogs here, I noticed that I haven’t written a single entry about foods from different regions/country that we have tried and becomes our favorite. So, I’m posting this entry, in which at first, I really don’t have the intention to do so.
Instant noodles are usual stuffs in our grocery list. It is very convenient to have that in the pantry most especially during the times when either I’m too lazy to cook a soup which complements fried dishes we have, or we do not have something to pair up with rice. Or even when the weather is cold and we want something that would keep us warm without the hassle of cooking a real soup (which of course, tastes better and healthier to consider). Instant noodles are very cheap commodities too that everybody else could afford. So, we love instant noodles!
The first time we experienced the Taiwan instant noodles is when Reuel had a business trip to Taipei. He immediately fell in love with it because of the generous amount of meat chunks that came with it. So, he brought some when he got home. And since it comes with the chunks of real meat (plus a mixed flavor in it), it is advisable to store it in the refrigerator.

Those noodles shown above were not brought in by Reuel as he hasn’t been to Taiwan for more than a year now. Those lovely and yummy noodles are from Ken, Reuel’s Taiwan-based boss. Yes, he was here in the Philippines. He brought the noodles as “pasalubong” to his team as he always used to do. Thank you Ken!
Please take note that the smaller pack does not have meat chunks. It’s just an ordinary noodle we usually find here but they’re tastier compared to our local ones.
So, if you happened to be in Taiwan and you love instant noodles, this is a must-try for your food trip to put noodles into a higher level.
Bon appetit!

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