Saturday, October 02, 2010

Oh how I’ve missed working again BUT I am happy being a SAHM…

I will be celebrating my 5th year as a house mom on March 2011, which is only 5 months away. Well, overall, it has not been easy for me to become a full time mom to two kids then and now to three kids. It’s a very challenging work and everyday your patience is being tested.

When I got pregnant to Gabee, Yuan was 5 months old. I decided to resign from my work and embraced full-time motherhood. Besides, I love to have kids and being around with my kids. I want to take care of Yuan by myself and see his milestones every day which I was not able to do then when I was still working (because he was staying at my parent’s house in Cavite). And our setup then was, to visit him on weekends which were very tedious to do because of the long travel that I and Reuel have to take after a 5-day tiring work.

At first, I was so excited to think that I’m not going to office anymore and that I could have more time to sleep making my sleeping habit becomes normal again (I used to work in a Call Center on a graveyard shift as a technical support agent). And that I will have more time to spend with Yuan. What I did not know was becoming a full-time mom is far more difficult than being a career woman. This is because when you are working, you are free from doing the house chores, which means you have more time to take care of yourself physically. You have an excuse not to go to work when you’re not feeling well. Or plainly, you just not want to work at all. And best of all, you earn money. For being a full-time mom, you have to work 24/7 non-stop. No sick leave or vacation leave and you cannot quit whenever you want to.

There even a time that I asked Reuel if I could be able to work again when the time comes that all of our children will go to school. Fear comes to me when I think what would be my life at home without my kids. Surely, it sucks. And I always ask myself, how can I be able to go back to work again thinking at my age? Who will hire me? And I shall be stagnant for 7 years by the time my kids are all going to school. I don’t even have a copy of my CV (curriculum vitae) with me because Reuel’s hard drive where I saved my CV has crashed. And honestly, I don’t really remember how to have social life with other people aside from Reuel and my kids. However, Reuel, always console me that I could have my time for myself when all our kids are gone to school and he tells me that I could continue investing in the stock market just to keep me busy.

So, when Diana (a friend and a former colleague) offers me a part-time job online, I instantly grab the opportunity. It’s not about the money that I will earn but the opportunity to work again. God knows, how happy I really am when some amount was credited to my PayPal account because the fact that I worked for it, is incomparable. And I thought that it’s a good start for me to have my career back even at home.

Happy weekend everyone!!!

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